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I'm Mind - an experienced in digital marketer passionate in IT solutions and analytics. With more than 7 years of experience, I utilize hands-on experience together with data-driven approach to develop and manage digital marketing campaigns - No guesswork, let's talk data.
I seek productivity at work. I employ cutting-edge tech stack in my work utilizing well-developed APIs, libraries and frameworks - They're popular for a reason!

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Facebook Advertising Services
Thick&Thin Studio
- Personalized bidding plan
- Full campaigns management
- Customized targeting and audiences.
Website Solutions
WAKA Project
- Fully customized HTML5 website with CSS and JS
- Dynamic items and stocks via Google Sheet
Website Solutions
Muk & Tan Wedding
- Responsive mobile-friendly HTML website with JQuery
- RSVP form submision system linked to Google Sheet
- Prototype web app for guests check-in on a wedding day
- Search, check-in and reporting features included